Jerome, the alcoholic translator
De interpretatio verbae SIGNUM

Jerome observed through the window in front of the 3,567,899-story building in which he was a prisoner. The tower of Babel was called, due to an old legend, historians forgot.

He had to translate for the neo-communist-fascist government, the new scriptures, found in a crushed starvessel, as the legend goes on.

There he stood, observing carefully and understood that nothing was so simple as he used to be told at the school of languages.

Praeteritum, his beloved cat purred into his mind, making the right cognate appear.

Tu habet ratio, Praeteritum. Said the truchiman and started to write his ultimate master-of-art.

De interpretatio navii sideralii texta

At the beginning, the First Movement created the signum…
And the signum was good and was bad…
Vamos hermano que no tengas en el signum lo que tienes en la mano.
Voto por el signum.
Signum et signa.

And the First Movement knew their work was good...


Blogger Translaughter dijo...

endless masterpiece! Brings such a delightning scenario for misery to occur and deploy antithetic forces across the story.

I suggest you to join forces with old school comrades to work in media-based support for the story, as well as an adequate ending for the story.

10:42 p.m.  
Anonymous Anónimo dijo...

Why doncha byte my signum?

2:24 p.m.  
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