rien du tout

"(When translating) you must not be enslaved to the extent of rendering word for word. And if anyone does so, this comes from his impoverishment and deficiency of wit. (…) And in this regard, it is excessive superstition (might I say stupidity or ignorance?) to begin one's translation at the start of the sentence. (…) I do not wish to remain silent here about the foolishness of some translators, who instead of freedom submit to servitude."

Rien du tout

Etienne Dolet was a real virtuous translator, especially when he refused servitude and slavery to foreign form. This does not look very surprising for us, since we were taught that the content is important. But back to 1500, that was not the tendency. After translating a Greek text from Axiochus¸in which he was accused of adding the words "rien du tout," to the original text, he was tortured, strangled and burned to death.