The Miserable Encryption of the Mind

Automatically seems to be the way to collide extremely before too many suns in movement. Allucinated phrase nobody said ever again. Not even before time was necessary to understand syncopathic lines along those lexemes, spread across the floor. Spilling the wine once again makes me sick. Makes me want to throw out. And again I look at it at it is not nonsense anymore. Seems to be quite logical in fact. The encryptation I needed to destroy the system was finally there. Across those signs, as it was a sacred Q’ran waiting to be discovered. Against a final dream of decades, as they were chants and callings for noon praying, towards medina. That was my vision. After looking very closely at it, there was a message. A code to crack the mind. The encrypting of my utmost feeling. It was a poem, in fact. But after reading it three times more, it was nonsense again.