Pope ‘til you drop


Is this for real, or is it animatronics illusion? If it is not, maybe we are looking at the face of misery itself. Not only this guy had to bear the responsibility of being the representative of god on earth, but he has to pay it with his life, in a way that I wouldn’t wish to the most satanic psycho. Hordes of cardinals and other costumed torturers drag him to the sites in which he ought to babble some utterances to people which come from all over the world to satisfy their holy hunger. But no one seems to be the savior of the holy father. Not one would give up their supernatural mental image to think about this poor lad and the destiny some have chosen for the end of his life. Instead of being in a healthy, relax environment, they keep on dragging him to the window and stage for the people that has paid bigtime for this infamous show of sadness and misery. Whatever I would like to be, I’d never be the pope. It is sad, miserable and insane.



Blogger Fiestoforo dijo...

¿Qué esperaban de esta miseria contábile ahuecada la voz hasta el enigma?
Ciérrase la ventana, el asalto sin dioses.
Y será impar ese aroma entre las guas:
Las islas del ciego.
en el pozo comienzan a saber de nadie
...y quedaría por fabricar la ambigüedad.

Adolfo de Nordenflycht

9:02 p.m.  
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