Hidden Work by Nietzsche

The german philosopher and poet, Friedrich Federico Nietzsche, wrote his magna opus, Also sprach Zarathusthra, that became a cornerstone in German Literatur. Notwithstanding, according to some philologists there is apocryphal fiction by this german author, that has been hidden for two centuries. Here is a translation im dem ordnung from the original into the English language. The fiction is entitled Thus Quietened Karthahyena.

"Kharthahyena got up that morning and stared up to the sun, and said with his typical latin accent: I shalt not obey you longer, as I need you, you need me back. Now I will free from your shackles.”
The Sun looked down contemply and vomited his bitter hate-speech at his mute listener. “Thou shalt not utter word any. My glorious Arian hair lit this surface much earlier you were born from uterus. I have the power to terminate you just with a mere glimpse.”
“He mayth be truth in his words. I shall better cast myself in abandonment.” Miserable, Kharthahyena muttered his own sentence to silence.
Thus quietened* Kharthahyena."

* became quiet.

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